Autumn – The Season of the Emotional Roller Coaster

Autumn - The emotional Roller Coaster - Photography By Holly Louwerse The Autumn has always been a strange time of year for me. It is the season of roller coaster emotions. Relief, relaxation, thankfulness, sadness, anxiety, panic, excitement, curiosity, anticipation, ambition, contentment and happiness. Leaves change colour (flowers start to wilt), puddles start to freeze (getting rid of the mud), tans fade (no more sunburn), flip flops get traded for work boots (stub your toe no longer), winter tires go on (you are unstoppable), jackets come out of storage (Booya! I love my jacket), start glancing at your ski gear again (Should really replace those old boots), travel plans get put into action (if you made them.. hmm) and you can start to sleep with that super comfy duvet thats just too hot in the summer… you can see how it goes. An emotional roller coaster, but I like it. Starting with a slight sigh of relief that the busyness of summer is over, being thankful about how awesome the last few months have been! And now having a little more time to relax, work on personal projects, and enjoy autumn for its own activities. Hiking, biking, climbing etc. Then the phases of sadness come as I watch everyone move on the next thing; school, travel, new jobs, hermit living… and so on. This is when waves of anxiety and mild panic come as it hits that summer is over, and I still have no clue where and what I want to do for the winter months. Which then brings excitement and curiosity thinking about all the possibilities of what I could do! Work in a foreign place? Travel and see what opportunities come? Maybe stay put and focus on some courses? Hermit in the woods? Or spend the winter in a town that offers the best skiing around and spend my days doing one of my favourite activities? And so the list goes on. Currently, as in today but of course this could change tomorrow and then again the next, I anticipate spending my autumn ambitiously seeing if I can pull it off and do everything. Lord only knows what will actually happen so ill go with it and see where I end up. I am content. So here I sit just being happy with life, even with uncertainty, knowing that whatever happens I will be able to make the best out of it. Currently on the path “try to pull off everything I can” means waking up far to early to sit in a first aid truck in the middle of nowhere, with obviously to much time on my hands (which makes me write things like this) constantly on edge in case anyone gets injured where in my ideal day I am board all day because it means nobody got hurt. However, I have an amazing view, good weather, lots of tea, endless hours to edit photos, and play with my camera in a part of BC I have never had a chance to explore. Its pretty great, I am happy. I am not sure if it is the subliminal messages around me I keep seeing because of thanksgiving, but there are a few things that in this moment I truly am thankful for. Here it is; I am thankful for my new and old friends, for the opportunities I have had, the skills I have acquired, and continual good health and food. This may sound a bit cliche and full of it, but really, thank you to all of you who have made my life what it is. From those of you I see everyday, to the people I only get a chance to see once in a blue moon, or when I buy my groceries. I couldn’t be more happy with where I am today, so thank you. I hope and pray the same for everyone else. Happy Thanks Giving!   Sincerely,   The girl practicing head stands and cartwheels outside the truck. Nature Photography - Photography By Holly - BC PhotographerNature Photography - Photography By Holly - BC PhotographerNature Photography - Photography By Holly - BC PhotographerNatur Collage 1
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