Iceland – Spring 2015

Waterfalls, volcanoes, mountain peaks climbing up from the oceans, glaciers, reindeer, black sand, blue water, Icelandic pony’s, white houses with red roofs, powerful ocean waves, hot springs, fresh fish, never ending sunsets, geysers, unique architecture, and beautiful Inns. It has taken me 8 months to put this blog post together because narrowing down the images to a reasonable amount has been insane! How can I cut out so many amazing scenes?! But none the less, here we are, from 3000 photos to this collection. Iceland is an UNREAL country. If I could buy a holiday home there right now I would. Private waterfalls, personal hot springs, and amazing food at every location we went to...this place has my heart. We drove around in absolute awe of everything we saw thinking “it can't get better than this” and then we would turn the next corner and BAM!!! Mind blown again. Angus and I spent a few days in Reykjavik exploring the vibrant and artsy city, checking out the hot springs in the Steam Valley, and recovering from jet lag in the Blue Lagoon. It is really a phenomenom how much you can do from Reykjavik. I can see why so many stop over there, even if just for a day. Angus' brother and his wife, Galen and Jamie, flew in from Calgary and joined us for the drive around the whole Island. The fantastic four was complete!! Woot woot! Beside enjoying great beer and hot tub sessions with these two, they are awesome travel companions. Jamie did an incredible job of organizing our accommodation and the rough itinerary, as well as pointing out when it was time to stop for a beer. And Galen, oh Galen, he's like a border collie and needs to be run regularly. This was great for sending him to the top of a hill to see if it was worth stopping for a walk or photo, or if we should just continue to the next spot. Galen and Jamie, we love you guys – you also make great sunset silhouettes. Remembering the names of everywhere we went is a huge struggle for so many reasons; One is because I could barely pronounce the names let alone remember them! Icelandic is a beautiful language, but I am sure it must be one of the hardest in the world to learn. Second reason is because we found that if we felt we had been driving for too long without a stop we would take any random dirt road, follow it for a short while, and before you knew it you would find something cool to explore. Waterfalls, lava beds, lagoons, moss fields and so much more. But this meant we never did find out the names of so many cool spots that we explored! If you would like the name of some of the locations they are at the bottom of the post. Feel free to check them out even if its just to see how crazy Icelandic is!! To summarize our experience in Iceland is difficult as there are so many different aspects to it. But I can see how the Vikings felt like they could conquer anything after conquering Iceland’s natural elements – earth, ice, fire, and water. A truly mystical country with dramatic beauty around every corner. I will certainly be back one day. Hopefully very soon.

© Holly Louwerse & Angus Brims 2015

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  • Harpa concert hall in Reykjavik – The architecture in this place!
  • The Blue Lagoon – Who wouldn’t want to relax here!
  • Reykjavik – Colourful, vibrant, artsy, relaxed and easily accessible.
  • Reykjadalur and The Vally of Steam – soak in a natural hot spring creek! Yes please!
  • Strokkur Geysir – Because who doesn’t want to see a Geysir?!?
  • Gullfoss – Massive amounts of water, stunning ice markings, and an incredible gorge.
  • Seljalandsfoss – AMAZING! Walk behind it and just stand in awe.
  • Gljufurarfoss – Super intriguing slot waterfall that will soak you and your camera.
  • Skogafoss – The seagulls that live here have the best view ever.
  • Moss covered Lava fields in Grindavik – My personal favourite spot! Ah! So comfy!!
  • Skaftafellsjokull and Svinafellsjokull glaciers
  • Svartifoss – incredibly perfect basalt columns (Angus' personal favourite)
  • Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon – See massive icebergs in the ocean and on the black sand.
  • Dettifos – Europe’s most powerful waterfall
  • Grjotagja – a lava cave with a thermal spring near Myvatan (beware of bathers lacking clothing)
  • Godafoss – We were actually getting over seeing waterfalls at this point, but this is appatly named “Falls of the Gods”. Stunning.
  • Akureyi – Iceland’s second largest city/town
  • Husavik – super cozy cabin for accommodation, beautiful landscapes, and great place to wale watch from.
  • Kirkjufell Mountain waterfall
  Thanks Iceland! © Holly Louwerse & Angus Brims 2015
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