Hiking in the Selkirk Mountains

2016-09-03_0066.jpgAmazing. Incredible. Epic. Exciting. Life changing. Stunning. Trip of a lifetime....pretty well add any adventure cliche here and it works. I felt like the luckiest person in the world the entire week. The first day we drove a couple hours from Golden BC on a bumpy road to a heli pad in the middle of nowhere, jumped into a helicopter and we flew over the crest of the valley into the Selkirk Mountain Range and saw where we would be exploring for the next week...Mind blown!! Camped beside Houston Lake at the base of mountains like Moby Dick and Proteus looking out towards Wrong Glacier and more of the Selkirk Mountain range with a waterfall just a short walk away. Stunning ...and I was stunned. This place is a photographers dream!! 2016-09-03_0004.jpg 2016-09-03_0005.jpg 2016-09-03_0006.jpg 2016-09-03_0007.jpg2016-09-03_0009.jpg Little backstory, True Outdoors had a draw going on and the prize was a week long boutique mountaineering camp in the Selkirk Mountains with Colwest Alpine Adventures. I never win anything (says everyone who wins something) so I entered half heartedly thinking “this will never happen” and proceeded to almost have a heart attack when I won. But I won!! Yay! The mountains I climbed were Proteus, Moby Dick, the Billy Bud & Claggert Travers, and Escalade. AND I managed to sneak in some red sheet shots! One afternoon I attempted a self portrait with the sheet and then on the last day a few of my hiking buddies joined in. Booya! I do consider myself a moderate outdoors person who hikes, occasionally runs, and goes on adventures in the middle of nowhere, but these excursions were something else. For stats on the mountains climbed be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page. Maddy and Mairn tracked these and I thought it was pretty cool. Now I know some of you who count your daily steps will think these are nothing. But you are wrong. This is technical walking on glaciers, boulder fields, and straight up steep terrain. Not that manicured trail you could almost bring your scooter on, but full on scrambles and climbs. Its the best! The guides are so good that they have something possible for everybody, I would recommend everyone aims to try a Colwest Alpine Adventure BMC at some point in their life. Colwest Alpine Adventure, you have Mountaineering camps figured out. Your guides are incredibly knowledgable, helpful, and all around very fun to be around (I laughed a lot!); Cece MortenseAlex Geary, Monte & Kursten – You four are amazing, these hikes were not possible for me without you. The Camp setup, management, and food was awesome and so delicious; Matt and Mary – massive thank you for everything you did. True Outdoors and Colwest Alpine Adventures, you guys are the reason this whole thing happened, huge crazy big thank you! It is a trip I will not forget. Feel free to check out the Print Gallery if you think some of these photographs would look good in your wall! 2016-09-03_0008.jpg 2016-09-03_0010.jpg 2016-09-03_0011.jpg 2016-09-03_0012.jpg 2016-09-03_0013.jpg 2016-09-03_0014.jpg 2016-09-03_0015.jpg 2016-09-03_0016.jpg 2016-09-03_0017.jpg 2016-09-03_0018.jpg 2016-09-03_0019.jpg 2016-09-03_0020.jpg 2016-09-03_0021.jpg 2016-09-03_0022.jpg 2016-09-03_0023.jpg 2016-09-03_0024.jpg 2016-09-03_0025.jpg 2016-09-03_0026.jpg 2016-09-03_0027.jpg 2016-09-03_0028.jpg 2016-09-03_0029.jpg 2016-09-03_0030.jpg 2016-09-03_0031.jpg 2016-09-03_0032.jpg 2016-09-03_0033.jpg 2016-09-03_0034.jpg 2016-09-03_0035.jpg 2016-09-03_0036.jpg 2016-09-03_0037.jpg 2016-09-03_0038.jpg 2016-09-03_0039.jpg 2016-09-03_0040.jpg 2016-09-03_0041.jpg 2016-09-03_0042.jpg 2016-09-03_0043.jpg 2016-09-03_0044.jpg 2016-09-03_0045.jpg 2016-09-03_0046.jpg 2016-09-03_0047.jpg 2016-09-03_0048.jpg 2016-09-03_0049.jpg 2016-09-03_0050.jpg 2016-09-03_0051.jpg 2016-09-03_0052.jpg 2016-09-03_0053.jpg 2016-09-03_0054.jpg 2016-09-03_0055.jpg 2016-09-03_0056.jpg 2016-09-03_0057.jpg 2016-09-03_0058.jpg 2016-09-03_0059.jpg 2016-09-03_0060.jpg 2016-09-03_0061.jpg 2016-09-03_0062.jpg 2016-09-03_0063.jpg 2016-09-03_0064.jpg 2016-09-03_0065.jpg 2016-09-03_0067.jpg 2016-09-03_0068.jpg 2016-09-03_0069.jpg 2016-09-03_0070.jpg 2016-09-03_0071.jpg 2016-09-03_0072.jpg 2016-09-03_0073.jpg 2016-09-03_0092.jpg 2016-09-03_0076.jpg 2016-09-03_0077.jpg 2016-09-03_0078.jpg 2016-09-03_0079.jpg 2016-09-03_0080.jpg 2016-09-03_0081.jpg 2016-09-03_0082.jpg 2016-09-03_0083.jpg 2016-09-03_0088.jpg2016-09-03_0084.jpg 2016-09-03_0085.jpg 2016-09-03_0086.jpg 2016-09-03_0087.jpg 2016-09-03_0089.jpg 2016-09-03_0090.jpg 2016-09-03_0091.jpg   Mount Proteus – 10,660 feet, 10 hours, 9.5 km, 31000 steps, ascended 1445 meters. Moby Dick Mountain – 12.5 hours, 7.2 km, 30000 steps, ascended 1120 meters. Billy Bud & Claggert Travers – 11.5 hours, 8.6km walked, 30268 steps, ascended 950 meters. Escalade Mountain – 10.3 Hours, 7.7 km, 30127 steps, ascended 950 meters. Again, a huge thank you to Colwest Alpine Adventures and True Outdoors!! Watch for the 2017 BMC dates and locations! Cede Mortense and Alex Geary; Fantastic guides.  

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