Ryan & Jacqui – Vavenby BC Ranch Wedding

Giggles, cute looks, roaring laughter, a hay bale tower, beautiful fields, rustic barns, and that true love that makes you feel all fuzzy inside. These two are total gems through and through. I have known Ryan for many years and he is one of the most genuine nice happy people I know. And Jacqui is incredible, stunning (that red hair!), thoughtful, kind, and has a laugh that makes you want to laugh even though you have no idea what is going on. Jacqui loves the fine details and has the talent to pull it off perfectly. This wedding was filled with all those shabby chic details you see and think “if only I could pull that off”… and then they did!! Beautiful pieces kept appearing all day it was incredible! … custom hangers for each of the bridesmaids that she did herself?! Yes please!! Jacqui, I am sure there is a future for you in wedding planning if your current job doesn't work out! (and then you can move back to BC!!!) Now living in Calgary, Ryan and Jacqui hosted their wedding on Ryans family ranch in Vavenby BC. Near the location where his brother got married a few years ago, which was one of my first weddings!! So this was special for me too. They held the reception at the Clearwater BC Ski Hill which has all the cozy log feels and a great dance floor that was heavily used. This day was perfect. All that to say, and as cliche as it is…. these two are perfect together Thank you for having Holly Louwerse Photography capture your wedding day, I truly enjoyed it and really really really really wish you guys lived closer!!  

© Holly Louwerse Photography 2016 www.hollylouwerse.com Second Shooter: Rebecca Louwerse Location: Vavenby BC Hair: Candice Graffunder Makeup: Mia Dzinic - The Diamond Dollhouse Dress: Madison James Cake: Cara Elliot Cupcakes: Heather Graffunder Bartender: Jeremy Gale DJ: Common Sound

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