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Well to start, Congratulations on your engagement!Adventure Elopement Wells Gray Park Clearwater BC by Photographer Holly Louwerse Photography

The next while are going to be a great time. Lots of little/big decisions to make and so much excitement building. A little bit of work will come with it, but it all pays off big time in the end!

I only book a limited number of weddings per year, as to keep it inspiring, creative and giv one-hundred percent to each client. This is my art. I love it.

Choosing a photographer is a huge decision. Not only because you want great pictures, but you also want photographers that you and your family will connect and trust; its about finding the photographer.

Getting to know a couple in the moths before their wedding, photographing their big day and meeting all their close friends and family who have helped them along the way, then to finally delivering the photographs that they will hold onto forever is such an incredible privilege and honor. Again, I love what I do.

Various packages, photographers and options available so please don't hesitate to touch base with any inquires.

Check out the F&Q page for a bit more information, and drop me a line through our contact page for more details and pricing!

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